Jikiden Reiki Okuden Curriculum
Só a Terra Equilibra
Okuden Course Curriculum 奥 傳
Validation and Certification by Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (Kyoto, Japan) [16h]
  • Receive 2 Reiju (靈 授) ;

  • Sei Heki Chiryo | Reiki technique for psychological and behavioral problems;

  • Enkaku Reiki | Technique for Treatment with Reiki at a Distance;

  • Variations in Techniques to facilitate treatment;

  • Practical sessions and demonstrations.

Levels of Training in Jikiden Reiki
Shoden ( Zenki -前期) - Therapist, Level 1 Training
Okuden奥 傳( Koki -後期) - Therapist, Level 2 Training
Shihan-Kaku (師 範格) - Assistant Professor ,   Level 3 Training
Shihan (師範) - Teacher ,   Level 4 Training
Dai-Shihan (人 師範) - Senior Professor ,   Level 5, by selection by Yamaguchi Sensei .