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Become a Jikiden Reiki Practitioner  直傳 靈氣
Welcome to the page about the Courses that the Japanese Reiki Clinic has to offer.

You can find on this website the dates for the next courses , prices, locations and additional information for the courses. To reserve your seat, you can contact us using the contact details found at the bottom.

A Jikiden Reiki Course ( 直傳 靈氣) opens up your body's natural healing potential and shows you how to use it. Those who take the course feel the benefits on a physical and psychological level and, in addition, on all those who give Reiki around them.

Everyone can learn Reiki and develop this natural healing ability , whether they believe in alternative therapies or not. Reiki needs gravity so much that we believe in it. It is a physical, bio-electro-magnetic finding, just like the gravitational force that makes the apple fall from the tree. We may not believe in the tree, the apple and the force that makes it fall, and yet the apple will fall on top of our head. Thus, whoever does not believe that healing with Reiki is possible, remains to have discomfort, pain, illness, and have a Jikiden Reiki practitioner who applies Reiki to the affected area. They will then draw their own conclusions.

Reiki is extraordinary as a natural treatment and cure , also when used indoors, in the family or in children.


You can additionally use Reiki professionally, offering Jikiden Reiki as a service to the public.

Learn Reiki with José Neves, Jikiden Reiki Shihan (Certified Teacher)

A Reiki course with me is a learning place where you will have a dedicated and attentive Reiki Teacher , certified by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan, and, additionally, a Holistic Therapist with a lot of clinical experience and specialized Reiki Training. .

This experience is essential to clarify doubts and clarify the best therapeutic plan for the cases that Reiki practitioners have at hand, whether they are family, friends, acquaintances or even clients, more in a professional context.

A Jikiden Reiki course with José Neves, Shihan , is above all a place of learning and empowerment . The most important thing is that people finish the course feeling capable, enlightened and autonomous Jikiden Reiki practitioners .

Complementarily after the course they will always have the guarantee of a follow-up , either in the clarification of doubts, questions, therapeutic plans, individually or in groups in the Reiju-kai and Koryu-kai , performed monthly by the Japanese Reiki Clinic .

Who can benefit from Jikiden Reiki Training?

To all who are looking for a simple but effective therapeutic technique, Jikiden Reiki is for you!

Training in Jikiden Reiki is recommended for anyone who wants to understand and train themselves in the most authentic Reiki directly from Japanese culture, without distortions or mixtures with other Western techniques.


For some groups of people, in my experience, Jikiden Reiki training is very useful.

Some people for whom Jikiden Reiki is an even more relevant blessing are:

  • Doctors , Nurses , Care Assistants close to dependent or sick people;

  • Alternative or complementary therapists , especially those who use techniques with the use of hands;

  • Psychotherapists who want to add therapeutic efficacy to their healing by word and learn to use some active psychotherapeutic techniques;

  • Fathers and Mothers , for family use of Reiki as natural medicine at home , for healing or preventive purposes;

  • Physiotherapists or those who suffer from sports-type injuries , in the rehabilitation of severe inflammatory processes or musculoskeletal injuries.

Level 1, Shoden - Simple and Immense Benefits:
  • It enables you to heal yourself , friends , family and others who are lucky enough to receive your treatments;

  • Learn first aid techniques using Reiki;

  • Understands and clarifies the history and cultural context in Japan , at the time of Usui Sensei and the discovery of Reiki;

  • You will be able to enjoy the opportunity to belong to a restricted group of people, practitioners of Jikiden Reiki , and will be able to participate in meetings, therapeutic groups and other events where you will be able to practice giving and receiving Reiki treatments.

Level 2, Okuden - Techniques that can make a difference in your Life:
  • Specific Technique for Psychological Treatment

  • In behavioral or mental problems in children or adults;

  • Elimination of unhealthy habits;

  • Management of aggression or anger;

  • Substance additions or abuse;

  • Phobias or fears ;

  • You will also learn the technique of Reiki Treatment at a distance (Enkaku Reiki).

Training Value | Additional information

The values ​​for Jikiden Reiki Courses are fixed internationally by the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Japan and may change from time to time, reflecting changes in exchange rates.


The updated values ​​for Jikiden Reiki Courses in Portugal (and in Europe) are as follows:



Any additional questions about values, please contact us through the Contact Forms on this website or through any of the Contacts listed below.

Formations can be repeated at a reduced rate, € 150 * for Shoden and € 100 * for Okuden.

The training groups, organized by the Japanese Reiki Clinic, usually have a size of 2 to 6 people. These dimensions are not applicable to courses given by Tadao Yamaguchi Sensei or others outside the scope of regular training.

For the provision of information regarding values ​​for Training in Jikiden Reiki in Portugal, please use the Contacts of the Japanese Reiki Clinic.

Nível 1 | Shoden | 初傳
Nível 2 | Okuden | 奥傳
* Values without VAT included; gross value established by Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai.