About José Neves
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José Neves

Jikiden Reiki Shihan

Jikiden Reiki Shihan Horizontal setting.

Complementary and Integrated Teacher and Therapist

Specialization in Original Japanese Reiki (直傳, Jikiden)

Jikiden Reiki Shihan直傳 靈氣 師範

Teacher [Level 4 Certification] by the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan.

Member of the International Jikiden Reiki Association.

International Member of the UK's Jikiden Reiki Association

Coordination of the Japanese and Oriental Inspired Natural Therapies Nucleous

心身改善 | Shin Shin Kaizen | Mind-Body Improvement

National Union of Goshinjujutsu Portugal

Goshinjujutsu practitioner 護身柔術

Kyushojutsu practitioner 急所術

Taihojutsu practitioner 逮捕術

National Union of Goshinjujutsu Portugal

Academic Curriculum in Psychology.

Specific research interests in the areas of Psychoanalysis and Anthropology.

Master in Clinical Psychology  (ISPA University, Lisbon)

Relational Psychoanalyst

Post-graduate training course on Relational Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis

(Association of Relational Psychoanalysis - PsiRelacional)