Mission and Objectives
Um Caminho a percorrer
Objectives of the Jikiden Reiki Institute
Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Publish books illustrating the effectiveness of Jikiden Reiki and documenting the experiences of practitioners.

  • Promote the use of Jikiden Reiki in conjunction with other "alternative" or "complementary" medicines by professionals in these areas.

  • Teach and promote Jikiden Reiki to doctors, nurses and all health professionals, thus beginning its use as an alternative to conventional Western medicine or in complementarity.

  • Promote the use of Jikiden Reiki for basic health care at home in everyday life.

  • Limit the need to use medication resulting in a significant reduction in global medical and hospital waste.

Japanese Reiki Clinic Mission
  • Offer Reiki treatments to the public, practiced as originally in Japan by Mikao Usui Sensei .

  • Offer Training in Jikiden Reiki , validated and certified by Jikiden Reiki Kenkyukai (Institute).

  • Guide and Supervise Jikiden Reiki Practitioners and Therapists in their daily and clinical practices.

  • Promote the continuous development of Jikiden Reiki practitioners in Portugal and in the World.

  • Spread, promote and develop the public image and the technical-scientific credibility of Jikiden Reiki in Portugal, developing Events and technical-scientific and institutional partnerships.