Experiência de Reiki
About Sessions for First Experience with Jikiden Reiki

Taiken-kai (20-30m)


Experience Sessions [ Taiken-Kai ] are suitable for people who have never experienced a Jikiden Reiki treatment and would like to know about this Japanese Hand Healing treatment.

There are two privileged forms of Taiken-kai :


(1) In conjunction with a Koryu-kai Workshop

If it makes sense for those who are already Jikiden Reiki practitioners to bring to the practical (final) part of a Koryu-Kai a person who wants to try the treatment can do so, thus associating a Koryu-Kai encounter with a Taiken- Kai .

This is an excellent way to experience Jikiden Reiki, and also more intense, since in the context of Koryu Kai-treatment Workshop experience will be performed with various therapists Jikiden Reiki simultaneously.

Note that the first part of the Koryu-Kai meeting is reserved for practitioners.

(2) In conjunction with a Conference on Jikiden Reiki

With some regularity it will be possible for a person who wants to try a treatment with Jikiden Reiki to do so after a Conference on a theme associated with Reiki.

At the end of the Conference, assistants will be given an hour after which it will be possible to receive an experimental Reiki session. This time will only be necessary for the organization of the space for the appropriate context for this specific Workshop .